The Lycan Virus, also known as the Werewolf Virus, the Lycan Plague or Lycanthropy, is a vicious and highly evolved virus. It is the virus that turns its hosts into Werewolves.


The Lycan Virus is spread through blood-saliva contact, but a Werewolf can only infect a new host with the virus while in their wolf form. This is the reason the Lycan Virus causes its hosts to transform during the full moon in the first place.

If a Werewolf bites a human victim while in their wolf form, the victim will be infected by the Lycan Virus. The infected victim will display no visible symptoms or signs that they are now infected, except for one: once the victim is infected, they too will transform on every full moon from then on.


When the moon isn't full, Werewolves are indistinguishable from humans. However, when the moon is full, it causes the Lycan Virus to transform the Werewolf into a vicious, wolf-like, humanoid monster intent only on spreading the virus further.

Monthly TransformationEdit

Once every four weeks, when the moon is full, the Lycan Virus reacts to its gravitational pull and triggers a transformation in its hosts. The transformation only takes one - three minutes, but is excruciatingly painful due to the bones and muscles reforming.

First, the Lycan Virus causes the Werewolf's teeth to grow into fangs, their fingernails and toenails to grow out to form claws, and their eyes to change from their normal colour to a more animalistic yellow. The virus then reforms the Werewolf's skull and face to form a snout, and causes the Werewolf to grow long, grey or brown fur all over their body.

The Lycan Virus then enlarges the Werewolf's muscles to give them more strength and endurance in wolf form, and thus increase the virus's chances of reproduction. The Lycan Virus causes the Werewolf to grow by a foot and a half, and their ears to become pointed and wolf-like, and move up slightly. The Lycan Virus then causes the Werewolf's spine to enlarge, making them become hunched over. Once the Lycan Virus has caused the physical changes, it alters the Werewolf's brain and cerebral cortex, causing the Werewolf to become a vicious monster incapable of human thought or intelligence, which relies on instinct alone and is intent only on spreading the Lycan Virus further.

At around dawn, the Lycan Virus completely reverses the transformation.

Treatment and ImmunityEdit

There is no cure or effective treatment for Lycanthropy. Although, if a human is infected with the Vampire Virus and becomes a Vampire, the Vampire Virus will fully immunize the new Vampire against the Lycan Virus.