Vampires were once normal humans who were infected by the Vampire Virus. Vampires don't physically age, and have near-superhuman abilities and can consume only blood.

Physical AppearanceEdit

Vampires are virtually indistinguishable from normal humans, except they have pale skin, long, sharp fangs, and they don't physically age. When they are feeding, are aggravated, or smell blood, their eyes turn red and their pupils shrink to pinpricks.


The only thing that is edible to Vampires is human or animal blood. Vampires find the smell of blood highly irresistable, and if they spend three days without drinking any blood, they will die of starvation.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

The Vampire Virus gives its hosts increased strength, speed, stamina and endurance. Vampires also possess fangs with which to suck blood directly from a human or animal's carotid artery. Due to there being few ways of killing a Vampire, they can also endure injuries that would be fatal to humans. Vampires also give off a pheromone that attracts humans of the opposite sex to them, for the Vampire to either infect or feed off that human. If any of a Vampire's organs (other than the brain or heart) are damaged or destroyed to an extent that would be fatal to humans, they will enter a state of suspended animation until the damage heals.


Once a host is infected by the Vampire Virus and turned in a Vampire, the virus eliminates the genome that causes lifeforms to age, die and decay, causing the Vampire to stop physically aging.


If a Vampire abstains from drinking blood for approximately thirty hours or more, they will begin to suffer starvation symptoms; if a Vampire abstains for three days, they will die from starvation. Vampires are also extremely sensitive to ultraviolet radiation, which burns their skin and can be fatal to them. Though garlic is not dangerous to Vampires, they have a strong aversion of it, as it smells extremely disgusting to them. Vampires can also die from blood loss. The only other ways to kill a Vampire is by damaging or destroying its heart or brain, or decapitating it.


Vampires are quite rare in modern times. This is because Vampires must hide their existence from humans, and if they infect a human without the Vlad's authorization, both the infector and the new Vampire will be punished with death.