Werewolves, also known as Lycanthropes or Lycans, were once normal humans who were infected by the Lycan Virus. Every full moon, they transform into mindless, half-man, half-wolf creatures.

Physical AppearanceEdit

In their human form, Werewolves are completely indistinguishable from humans. In their wolf form, they are loosely human-shaped, wolf-like creatures. They have grey or dark brown fur on their bodies, are quite muscular, and possess large fangs and claws, a wolf-like muzzle, pointed ears and yellow eyes.

Monthly TransformationEdit

A Werewolf's transformation from human to wolf form is triggered by the gravitational pull of the full moon, and thus occurs once every four weeks. Due to the Werewolf's bones changing size and shape, and their muscles tearing and reforming, the transformation is excruciatingly painful, but surprisingly quick.

The transformation only takes one - three minutes. The fingernails and toenails grow out to form claws, whilst the teeth grow into fangs, and the eyes change from their normal colour to a more animalistic yellow. The skull and face reform to form a snout, and long fur begins to sprout out from the Werewolf's skin all over the body. The muscles also enlarge to give the Werewolf more strength and speed in their wolf form. The ears also move up slightly and become pointed, wolf-like ears. The Werewolf grows by about 1.5 feet, and the spine enlarges, making the Werewolf's body become hunched over.

Once the physical changes have occurred within one - two minutes, the psychological changes occur; the Lycan Virus alters the Werewolf's brain and cerebral cortex, causing the Werewolf to become a vicious monster in order to increase the virus's chances of reproduction. Due to the psychological changes, the Werewolf loses all human thought and intelligence, and relies on instinct alone. The Werewolf becomes a vicious, monstrous shell of their human self, that will attack any uninfected humans and attempt to infect them.

The transformation completely reverses at dawn. After the Werewolf changes back to human form, they will have little to no memory of what happened or what they did while in wolf form.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

In wolf form, Werewolves' enlarged muscles give them superhuman levels of strength and toughness. Their snout and sharp fangs also give them a powerful bite which is often fatal.


In their human form, Werewolves are just as vulnerable to injury as humans. When Werewolves transform into their wolf form, they become little more than vicious, mindless monsters, intent only on spreading the Lycan Virus. Also, though Werewolves are very powerful, durable and vicious in their wolf form, they are not invulnerable and can be killed by the same means as humans, albeit with more difficulty.


Werewolves are rare, as, while in wolf form, though they attack humans to infect them with the Lycan Virus, they are so powerful and vicious that they often take it too far and end up killing the human.